Friday, June 15, 2018

Lorne MacDonald books on circuit analysis

I would recommend the MacDonald series. These two are what I will be posting screen shots from. If you want paper books you can purchase them at Amazon. A search may find a PDF copy. These are used in tech school with lab exercises to demonstrate the circuits. First the theory then the lab to demonstrate. They cover the theory so you know what to expect when you do the test. If you do not have the test equipment you can run the sim in LT spice with good results.
The current project is a 118.5MHz amp.  Better to build a low frequency amp and they increase the frequency. Here are a couple of screen shots to show what will be found in the books and to answer a couple of questions asked recently.

Interesting he points out the probe capacitance. The act of running the test invalidates the test results if you don't allow for the interaction. (Dr. Heisingberg's principle at work). Note the 10:1 probe is 7-10p.

How to determine input Z.
Miller effect.

Sooner or later you need to add a second stage. He cover cascade and cascode amps. After laying the foundation he uses it to explain RF circuit limitations. Using the datasheet to determine the component limits could save some grief in failed construction. I generally play around with Short Wave which is 30 MHz or less. I have a bin labeled RF amps. My go to transistor are rated 50MHz so for this project I must use a different transistor.
Well time for the adventure to begin.

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