Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dual gate MOSFET - surface mount to leaded

You can go to any hobby supply with a jewelry section and get a pack of head pins. Gold or silver plated will work.
Place them in some perf board and tin them. You don't have to tin them but I think it works best.
place the chip on the board and solder them. You will have leaded transistors.
Here I have separated them. I put a red dot on the source so I can ID it. You could trim the board and  put a drop of epoxy on them to make it more like a transistor.
Just for size comparison I have a #4-40 die with a piece of #12 wire in it and a penny. I did put some on the 1" square board also.

Hats off to Andy again. When I presented the thread on soda straw variable inductor he suggested using #4-40 screw to get fine tuning. The 'rod above is #12 solid copper wire. It's a perfect fit in the #4-40 die.

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