Thursday, January 19, 2017

Semiconductor and RF Design books

A program used to make vacuum tube models in SPICE

FM Radio

How to build transformers.

Antenna Book
A very good read if you want to study antennas. A couple of items from the book. That loop amplifier looks like a future project. Then some info on near field and far field or E-field and H-field. If that doesn't wet your appetite don't bother downloading the book:).

This is one of the best I have found.
Principles of Semiconductor Devices

Excerpt from the book. It does have some high math but you can still gain a lot from the read without working with the math.
Space Station

Antenna book

The beginner's handbook

Sze Physics

RF Circuit Design

RF Circuit Design

RF and Microwave

RF Circuits Oscillators

Digital TV

Basic Audio Vol 1

Basic Audio Vol 2

Basic Audio Vol 3

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Putting the 80 meter receiver in one place.

 This is the circuit Tom posted. I modified the tuning and regeneration controls. This one works if you have the components. The modification allows for components parameters variations and works with different JFETs. I made a couple of AF output stages for it.

The coil is detailed here:

tuning coil detail

This is the circuit introduced by tom with my modifications.

 I gave the audio output a little boost with this pre amp.

This is the audio amp I am using.

The Audio Amp

 2 watt amp. Connected the 5.6K resistor to the tap between the 3.3Ohm resistors.