Monday, June 6, 2016

Effect of varying primary inductance

 2.5 volts at 300 ma give 0.75 watts
3.5 volts at 390 ma gives 1.365 watts
3 volts at 400 ma gives 1.2 watts
3.5 volts at 450 ma gives 1.575 watts
3.6 volts at 450 ma gives 1.62 watts

I changed the primary. Since I didn't change the secondary to maintain the impedance matching I might go through the circuit with a constant ratio next.  I just wanted to use spice and see what effect changing the primary. Using a low input in these simulations. If I raise the input the smaller inductance transformer saturates and starts distorting first.  Don't let this emply larger is better. We can't determine a turns ratio and just pick a number from the air. For example if the turns ratio is 10 :1 we couldn't wind a 100T:10T transformer and expect it to work. We have to determine the Z of the primary at the low frequency and set the turns based on the ratio. As the frequency increases so does the Z and the high frequencies will be effected.  The conclusion is to low an inductance an the output level suffers. To high an inductance and the frequency response suffers. It is give and take.

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