Thursday, December 7, 2017

Another method for mounting the surface mount FETs

The tool required is chisel edged NOT knife edged. You could take a hacksaw blade and break it in half. Grind the teeth off and bevel the end at anything between 30 and 45 degrees. This would produce the ideal tool. If you prefer to buy the tool an exacto knife will work but you will use the back of the blade NOT the knife edge. Now onto the project. We need to mount 2 BF2040s on a PC board.the first step is to clamp a ruler on the board as a cutting guide.
I am using a small vise grip you can us any clamp you have.
This is a plastic cutter. It would probably work but I am not using one.
This box cutter might be a good tool for the job also.
I am using an exacto knife. Just run the back of the blade against the ruler.
As you can see it makes a groove the width of the blade.
I clamped the ruler against the other side and made the cut. I have divided the board into 4 sections. A quick check with the ohmmeter proofs the sections are isolated.(if not pay attention to the ends of the cut.)
Another cut off the other side and I have 6 sections.
I drilled a pilot hole on the two crosses.
I used a circle cutter, backwards. Scraping not cutting.
One more circle and the board is ready to use. When the FET is soldered on the board the four sections in the circle will be my tie points. The other six section can be used for I/O and power connections.

Maybe I can mount the BF2040s tomorrow.

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