Sunday, August 18, 2019

magnetic properties

How many magnetic properties are there? I made a little oscillator using a pill bottle for the coil former. I tested the frequency with an air core for the reference. Inserting zinc, ferrite, copper and aluminum gave these results. Remember increasing the coil size will reduce frequency.

With air core it is 803.
The zinc is a roll of Zinc pennies. The frequency increased indicating the zinc lowered the coil's inductance.

The ferrite lowered the frequency because it increased the coil inductance.
The copper raised the frequency.
The aluminum raised the frequency too. The test demonstrates that we could use copper, aluminum, or zinc to tune a circuit and raise the frequency when inserting the core. The question is how can this be?
Here I have two disc suspended in magnetic fields. One is attracted the other repelled. One is aluminum and one is copper.

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