Thursday, November 28, 2019

A mind experiment into the world of Electro - Magnetics. Part 1

Einstein would use real world examples to study the invisible world. I am not the genius he was but I will attempt a simple analogy. First the item I selected to demonstrate the principle is a level gauge. The sight gauge is made of a series of magnetic rollers.
Here we have a datasheet for one.
The flappers are white on one side and red on the other. As the level increases a magnet on a float causes the roller to flip over.
In this system we see two possible positions.
In the invisible world we can have an infinite number of positions. If the red is the north pole we can determine the position using the right hand rule.
Point your finger in the direction of the motion (spin) and the thumb points to the north pole. So if we know an electron has spin and we can determine its magnetic polarity using the right hand rule we can examine a crystal which is in caous and see no magnetic property. Applying a field to establish an orientation of the spins will produce a magnetic polarization.
First installment more to come..............

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