Thursday, June 25, 2020

6-25-2020 Amp with MOSFET output stage.

With 10uv in I get 7mv out driving an earbud. The power consumption is less that 2.5ma. It should run for over 100 hours on a 9 volt battery. So it needs a build.
I printed the schematic and glued it to a board. I put a pin at each tie point on the schematic. I put a pin at the point between c4 and r12. You could just tie them together and save the pin but I like anchoring the components. All the components are sized to meet the TUP - TUN amp standard so locating parts will not be to difficult. After I connect the dots with parts we will see how it works compared to the simulation.

NOTE: I added a diode and coil to the last amp I built and can listen to my local AM station through the speaker. It draws about 8ma. This one delivers more output with less battery load according to the sim. Time to find out.

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