Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Antenna matching in sim

 In this series of shots I have the generator representing the antenna (signal). The Tline represents the coaxial cable. The load resistor represents the receiver. If you examine the series you will see matching for maximum signal to the receiver does not mean making the impedance's  equal. 

Two things to observe.

1. A minimum of a 10 to 1 Z ratio is better than Zi=Zo.

2. Reactance is our enemy. With resistors things go smoothly. Adding reactance upsets the apple cart.

In the last shot it could be said I did a conjugate match.

It may also be said I neutralized the reactance to make a purely resistive circuit.

In the antenna circuit power may be measured in nano watts and voltages in micro volts. With a low (less than 400) ohm source and a load of several KOhms the voltage is what counts. A reactive source reduces the voltage. 

Food for thought.

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