Sunday, May 29, 2016

A curve tracer using AC.

I posted a poor mans curve tracer which was polarlized using pulsating DC to create the trace. This one uses AC and is non-polarized.

R1 is 2.2k Ohm with a 12 VAC transformer. Here are some sample traces.
 A 2N383 Emitter to Collector. It is a negistor see the reverse break over?

  This one is a capacitor. Ideally it would be an oval but my digital scope doesn't seem to understand oval

  This one is an Emitter to Base curve.
 A 2N2222 Emitter to Collector.
 A GS109 Emitter to Collector.
 Another Emitter to Collector.
  Power diode no breakover at top.
Signal diode see the break over at the top of the curve.
A resistor.

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