Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My sidewise flag. It's the noise factor that sold me.

My antenna is a sideways flag. I have a 1.2KOhm resistor between the two blue dots. The antenna transformer is 20T:9T on a 1/2" yellow toroid. We have a low power local (about 50 miles) that I couldn't receive in the house or shop. I could receiver it on the car radio with noise and it would be swallowed up by the noise as I travel around town. With this antenna I am receiving it. It is a little noisy but steady. I have also been listening to the ham net roll call on 80M and 40M. I'm listening to ABC Australia as I write this. It is a design worth trying because of the RFI improvements. With a simple wire antenna I have much to high a noise level.

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