Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hybred Amp MOSFET input JFET output

This project is to use MOSFET and JFET amps. It works so well in sim I will have to assemble one. First the circuit.
R11 is the volume control.
I'm swinging R11 from 1Ohm to 1KOhm. With 100uv in it will rattle an earbud.
The frequency response and gain thru the AF range is good.
Time for a build.
You could use 2N7002 and any general purpose JFET. The 2N7002 should be a direct sub for the MOSFET. Might need a larger source resistor with a different JFET. If R11 is 5K or 10K it should work with any JFET.
I used a 2KOhm pot for my build.

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