Thursday, April 4, 2019

transistor biasing - simply method - one transistor radio - fixed base biasing

A simple no nonsense transistor biasing method.
The R in this example is 330K. The circuit will be like this.
This could be a one transistor radio using the transistor you have on hand. Use the headphone resistance to set Vc to 1/2 Vcc.

Some transistors have a very wide ß range. You could test the one you have and use the measured value (or be aware of the broad range and vary R if it fails to function as expected.)
Modern transistor have a letter suffix which defines the ß in smaller segments because of the variations.
This is the simplest method and the most unstable. A circuit like this is more subject to temperature and component variations. Using the high ß and a low Ic will produce good results. A high power circuit will require more components to provide stability and protect the transistor from burn out.

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