Friday, September 18, 2020

discrete build of PCT - proof of concept


This is my test board and the transistor I will use to do the test. It is a simple layout. The ohmmeter is across the emitter and base. I apply power to the collector and base threw the 1k resistor. With this jig a junction transistor will read a low value when forward biased. When the collector voltage is applied it will go down about one half. A PCT will read a negative resistance when the collector voltage is applied. The test jig could be powered with a 6 volt battery. I like using the supply so I can adjust the voltage and see the reading with different values. 

I connected an emitter to each end terminal and clipped a test lead to a base - collector pair then connected the far end of one pair to the base connection on the test jig.


The meter reads the base - emitter junction resistance.

I set the supply to 6 volts and the meter displays a negative resistance. I have PCT transistor action. There you go proof of concept.

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