Thursday, March 18, 2021

A quick look at RC time constant

The natural log function defines the RC charge and discharge.

TC = R * C 

Things to consider:

As power is applied the current is limited by the resistor.

As the cap charges current drops.

Once the cap is charged current ceases to flow. (actually the cap never receives full charge but we call it charged after 5TC.)

My internet flaking in and out. Before I save the file somethings to consider.

Period = 1/T
Frequency = 1/P
The current flows as a cap charges.
If it is to small it will follow the wave form as it charges and discharges.
If it is to large it will charge and hold the peak.
In our amp we want the cap to be able to pass the AC component. Which means we do not want it to charge and hold.
So if we know F=1/P and TC=RC can we imply F=RC as the factor to determine the Cap size?
Would we set the low frequency = RC as the value to use?
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