Monday, August 30, 2021

Consider the dualities. The opposites. What can we say about them? light - dark E field - H field particles at rest or in motion.

 Consider EMF, current, B and motion.

Can we have any of them without the other?

Suspend a wire in a H field and send a current threw it, it will try to move.

Suspend a wire in a H field and move the wire OR magnet, you will produce current in the wire.

Passing a current threw a wire produces a magnetic field. Can we have a magnetic field without current flow?

Consider the permanent magnet. It has closed loop currents in it structure which create the field.

Question: Can we have a "permanent E field"? Not a trick question so disregard a charged capacitor and the Lydel jar.

A bar magnet has a "permanent H field".

Can we have a "bar ????" with a permanent E field?

What if we melted a bar of wax and placed it in a strong E field and let it cool. Would the field effect the wax?

Can I use wax as the dielectric in a capacitor? Yes of course I can. Will it make a stronger capacitor? Yes it will. Again, what happens if I melt the wax and let it cool while holding a charge on the capacitor?

Hint: Consider the Electret Microphone.

 Notice the relationships in the right hand and left hand rules are all at 90 degrees. Also note one component is force/motion. With a generator we turn the armature to create current. With the motor the current causes the armature to spin. Can we have motion without a spinning armature? Consider the transformer. The motion in the primary is "current" flow. The motion in the secondary is also "current flow. 

 Note: In the beginning (when I was young) it was "H" field and "Cycles Per Seconds". Today they prefer "B" and "hertz" so I may at times use an unfamiliar term. I will even switch back and forth now and then.

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