Friday, November 5, 2021

Z matching? Some points to remember.

 The old saw is to obtain max power transfer you must match the source and load Z.

The part that is left out is WHEN Zin = Zout half the power is lost in the generator!

Consider the 1000 Mega watt power generator feeding the grid. If it was Z matched HOW WOULD THE GENERATOR SURVIVE 500 Megawatt. The answer is it would not. The wires would melt and the flash over would be exiting. I saw this once. Thankfully the lead is a fusible link. It produced the flash in a confined space.

Anywho, Just look the sims over and see if it make since.

the delay produced by the Tline with matched Z.note the 50% signal loss.

lower the gen Z and the output increases. matching.uh?
Raising the load Z is not so good.
A lower gen Z reduces losses. Look at the rise in output.

If matching ALL of the circuit only losses half the signal what is the Tline Z?

In other words the Tline is 50 Ohm? So why is there no loss produced when I insert the Tline?

Hint: The Tline is not resistive.

Hint: The Tline is not a flat 50 Ohm. Actually it may vary much more than one might think.

So when they say the Tline is 50 Ohm what does it mean?

Maybe more on this later?

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