Monday, December 12, 2016

JFET regen short wave receiver

I finally decided on short wave receiver to build. This is it.

This the RF amp, detector and AF amp. I will add a tuning circuit and it's a done deal. I'm planning diode and slug tuned coil tuning. I pruned the circuit and am piecing it back together with my modifications. Q3 is the RF amp and it receives power through the tuning coil which I cut off. (Don't want to create confusion, I'm piecing together stages I hope will perform well together.)

This one uses J310s. I will be using J112s. I made tested circuits using 2SK193 and J176 JFETs. I expect the performance to be better with the J112s. The SPICE circuits seems to show better results with the J112s than the J176. I don't have a SPICE model for the 2SK193 so I will have to test them side by side. The J112 is a 'modern' transistor made for the auto industry which is readily available. My first hit on Ebay was 20 for $5.25. There may be better offers on Ebay I looked no further. Arrow Electronics sells them for 5.6 cents each. The catch is you must order in 1000 increments. The 2SK669 are 2 cents each. Still $20 a thousand isn't bad. My plan is to build with parts which are readily available so I'll be using diode and\or slug tuning.

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