Tuesday, May 29, 2018

LCR meters

You can wind a couple of extra turns on a solenoid coil and the unwrap some if needed but with the basket weave it would be a little more difficult. Following the design laid out by someone else would just be follow the pattern. If you want to do your own and know the value you made you can get a LCR meter is several types. Some LCR meters are made in a case that look like a multi-meter. Some transistor testers have capacitance and inductance meters built in. Here are a couple to look at if you feel the need for one.

The first one is less than $10. The bottom one is less than $50.
There are others, these are the first three my search found. You can also find LC meters. The LC meter would be more accurate and possible a little more expensive. It depends on how many coils you will be winding. It also help ID the unknown capacitor. Some junk box treasures need ID'ing after being hidden in the treasure chest for a time!

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