Monday, June 4, 2018

bottom feeder holy grail capacitor

This is about as good as you can find:
Ceramic. Tarzian product. The only potential problem is the screw driver adjustment. What can be done about that?
Well it's a nice ceramic capacitor. The 4-40 mounting screws were easy to find. The screw driver adjustment has a hex nut around it.
 A different view.That nut is 1/4".
So I have a 1/4" nut and I have some hex head screws that use a 1/4" allen wrench. Worth a try.
Now that is tight as in press fit. Remember it is ceramic so no hammering. Just press and wiggle a little.
Before getting it jammed on I mounted the cap on an angle bracket.
Ready to put the shaft on.
It will not fall off. It takes some effort to get it off.
I plan to use it in a twinplex variation. The twinplex uses a dual triode tube. Mine will use two triodes.
I mounted it on a block of wood so it will be higher up the front panel. I have 2 6J5 tubes, a filament transformer, and a 45 volt battery pack. I will let the glue dry over night and tomorrow it will be ready to wire.
The front view. I have 2 nuts on the screw. I can mount a pointer of some sort or replace the nuts with a knob?

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