Thursday, June 28, 2018

lacing a parallel cable run

Usually when we lace a bundle we just wrap the string around the wires but what if we want the wires to lay flat?
I bent a hook in the end of a piece of wire to make it easier to feed the ribbon through
Lay the ribbon on the cables with a long enough tag to tie it off when finished.
Take the ribbon under and over to the first gap between wires.
Wrap under the main tag and back up then down through the second gap.
Wrap the tag and back up.
Keep spiraling down - over - up and down the next gap until you reach the far side.
Now bring the first tag under and up the right side. Tie the ends off and trim the ribbon.
Repeat at the other points needing tying.
If you use dental floss you can get a needle with a big eye and sew the wires in place. Using a needle will aid in separating the wire too. If they get a twist you can put the needle between them and iron the twist out by running it down the wire run.

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