Thursday, July 23, 2020

Ground to ground???

Joe had a dead battery and Tom offered to help. When they connected the jumper cable one had a bad end and it fell off. Joe says "Oh man!". Tom says "Not to worry". Tom connects one end to his battery and the other to Joe's battery. He pulls up to Joe's car until the bumpers touch. Boom Flash Spark. Tom backs up and look closer. He had connected his end of the cable to the hot terminal and the other to Joe's grounded terminal. When the bumpers touched BOOM! He moved the lead on Joe's battery and all was well when he touched the bumpers again.

This is the same as having two chassis on your work bench with the power lines grounded on one and hot on the other.

Always check a chassis to ground before betting your life on the circuit being wired correctly.

Use polarized plugs to prevent injury.

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