Saturday, November 10, 2018

DBM mixer

I'll let the sims do the talking. Here's the schematic. So shall it be a DBM or a JFET mixer?


  1. So which mixer (DBM, DualGate FET) would be better for a first mixer in a 6 meter radio? I've been told that the NE6x2 isn't for "serious" radios, only in toys and low performance rigs.

    When I get my computer back (Windows ate its own backups and corrupted one of the registries.), I plan to finish up on some simulations of a project that was stalled over 20 years ago, a multi-mode 6M radio. I had planned on using some LM373 No test gear other than a DMM so only the DC control voltages and the audio amp were tested. Thanks for the kick start to try and finish it.

  2. I like the homemade DBM. I would use the DualGate FET in a RF amp to drive one. I'll post the circuit we designed last year.

  3. The NE602 was made for cell phones so I guess you could say not for "serious" radios just toys.