Monday, November 12, 2018

NE-602A examples and a little data

 I like the DBM because I make the transformers and basically feel like it is a home brew. Take a look at the circuit.

 2 cores 4 diodes and a little wire. What are the disadvantages? It require an oscillator to drive it and it produces a signal lose.
On the other hand using a Gilberts Cell produces a gain. It is straight forward. I've made some and they worked. It still requires an oscillator to drive it. The lambda diode oscillator works well with one. Anywho before I start chasing rabbits back to the NE602. What are it's pro and con? David White makes a kit BG Micro sells called the Beginners and Experimenter Radio. He presents a large amount of data along with the kit. Here is what he says.
The VEC-131K is an aircraft receiver that uses the NE602. Take a look at its schematic.

 118 - 136 Mhz using the NE602. A well filtered input and a RF amp with 1 micro volt sensitivity. Anyway the manual is attached.


The B and E manual is available online so I guess it is not a problem that I linked it here.

David White B and E

*added the VEK-131k link.(the first one misfired?)

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