Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Air band build - unique tuning

 Amie's TRB post

Sadly the link is broken
To much theory for TRB maybe?
I did copy the trombone tuner to the next post before it was removed.

A tip of the hat for you kid. That is clever indeed. It shows a firm grasp of the components, and an understanding of how they work together.

My friend made one based on this design.

A PDF of the radio he made.

We were discussing this coil

In his build he used a string around the coil adjusting screw.

Maybe this would be a good method?

The indicator mounts where the arrow 3 is. Instead of the drum mounted on the variable capacitor he wrapped the string around the slug screw on the coil. Could Amie's trombone be mounted with the slider attached at arrow 3? This would allow tuning from the front panel? The round drum could hold the indicator or the drum could be replaced with a spring (from a pen) and the indicator mounted on the vertical string. (arrow 4)

Food for thought.

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