Sunday, July 19, 2020

The cap divider revisted part 2

I took 6 .5ufd caps in parallel to replace the 5ufd cap and bingo! 12.56 volts feeding the heater. The tube has a nice warm cherry glow. It is a big advantage having a junk box with a bag of .5ufd high voltage caps in it.
This was the circuit from my last post. I used the parallel lamp to bypass some current around the tube. After replacing the 5ufd cap withe the 3.3ufd cluster I removed the lamp.
Note the B+ is 120vdc in sim. The real circuit reads 170vdc. Why?

 Anywho, I know have a dual triode with heater glowing and a 170vdc B+ so what to do with it?

The datasheet gives info on building an amp.

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