Saturday, July 18, 2020

The cap divider revisted

The DIT did good with the capacitive  divider. It had over 400 views and counting. I pieced together a little board with one powering a tube. I have some motor run caps in my shop. I had a 5ufd and a 7.5ufd on hand. I need a smaller cap but I made do for the test board.
This is the tube I'm using. It requires .15 amp. A 3ufd cap would be better but I have a 5ufd. I put a pilot light across the tube heater to share the current.
This ceiling fan cap would be ideal for testing the circuits. You can parallel the sections and have 1.5 ufd, 2.5ufd or 4ufd.
Here is my as built.With 120vac @60hz I read 12.7 vac across the heater. The lamp is a safety indicator. When it is glowing I am reminded to watch where I put my hands. I put a diode and 15ufd cap in series across the input terminal and have a 150 vdc supply. I will build the circuit in sim and post it.

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