Sunday, February 18, 2018

Making a point contact transistor

 Just posting the pictures from my microscope for now. More pictures in the camera and some explanation coming. To hook is #12 solid wire and the ring is the wafer from a germanium diode. The cat's whiskers was pulled from a bronze brush. I drilled a hole in the end of the wire and soldered the germanium to it. I soldered a couple of pieces of phos bronze to the #12 wires. I drilled holes to make a press fit for the wires in a block of teflon.The next step is bending the cat whiskers to lay on the germanium.

 This is the first one. That germanium wafer was tiny. I did another with a wafer from a bigger diode.

It is now ready to be formed. I took a .5UF capacitor and charged it to 10v then discharged it through the junctions about 10 times and checked with the ohmmeter. When the junction formed the reading went down. I stopped forming the junction at about 1K Ohm. When I download the pictures from the camera I'll show the finished product.

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