Thursday, February 22, 2018

Source of phos bronze for points.

If you use a breadboard you may have some of these. With a little effort you can iron one out flat and have a sort for several points. You can lay 3 on a dime. The section are quite small so all they need is pointing and mounting on a wire. You could use a #20 or larger and simple solder the point to it. So here is the female breadboard jumper connector before and after flattening.
 This is as bought.
 This is flattened.
 The carrier strap on the new connector could be split and make two strips.
 You could cut the "L" from the top.
Cut the strip in half and separate the sections of the pitch fork.
Split the stub down the middle and use the two spurs.
 So one of these gives all of that. Time to get the scissors out and do some trimming.

I found some #26 phosphor bronze wire on Amazon. It is $8 for a 1/4 pound roll. That would be a life time supply for a hobbyist. It is a little large but can be hammered flat or even mashed with a pair of pliers.
They have phosphor bronze shim stock that is thin enough but would have to be cut in strips.
Just a couple of more options.
Edit 2:
I found a source for .008" shim stock in phosphor bronze material. A 6" X 12" sheet would be a lifetime supply for a hobby builder.

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