Monday, March 19, 2018

2N5401 Amp part 1

The method is fairly simple. Place all the components on a board and connect the dots.
This is the circuit as 'built' in LT Spice.
I relocated the parts in a line and kept the wiring the same.
I just drew some lines on the board to aid the layout.

I numbered the lines as I had labeled the drawing.
I like sequence pins because they are short and sharp. Easy to press into the board and short enough they don't go through.
I wrote the part numbers between the pins. Even I should be able to read the number , look at the parts list and connect the part between the pins.
I located all the parts and put them in my handy parts holder (soap dish). That's all there is except a transformer, phone jack and volume control.
Now I have all the parts installed except the transistors. I will install them last. tinning  the pins so they require a minimum of heat.

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