Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2N5401 amp part 2

I did not show the simulation before so I will now. With 100uv input I get 110mv output. This is way to much my ear phone only needs 1mv or 2mv to sing.

The last post I had mounted the components but made no interconnection. Here I added the interconnections and am ready for a test.
The low range on my scope is 20mv but it has a voltage readout so I use it. 2mv in and 1.2volt out is good. My AF generator is on minimum and it is over driving. I may have to put a little negative feedback on it to lower the output. I am going to try it as is before doing any modification.
I made some I/O ports on a 2" X 4" box cover.With a switch, volume control, input jack and output jack It should be good to go. The question will be shall I mount it in a box? Anyway the next step will be wiring the I/O, switch and pot.

EDIT: I put a bypass capacitor across the battery. The set was a little unstable with my bench power supply. It was better with a battery. The capacitor settled it down with the bench supply. It could be the supply reacting to load? It is voltage and current protected?

When I get back to work on the 40/80 this may be my AF amp. I put a small telephone receiver (145 ohm speaker) on it and it was load enough for easy chair listening.
EDIT: This amp will work with a single rechargeable cell. (1.2Volts)

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