Monday, March 5, 2018

40/80 continues...........

The Chief Designer had made the prototype and it worked to well. He said it was a rats nest of jumpers but worked well. He would listen to it as he planned to make a good looking box and dress up the wiring. When the listening started that was the end of the bench work:).  I guess it filled the designer's dream, a set that worked so well it had to be used. Sadly he passed away Friday April 6, 2018. So the final build is what's presented here:

Rest in peace Andy. May the 40/80 live on. We started this design based on the oscillator Andy posted  last year. I reviewed it in earlier post. He said there was a different oscillator he would like to try. Sadly I never got the update so the set is complete except for the oscillator. I will be using the first design.

Andy's oscillator

This link goes to the oscillator that started the build.

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