Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I built a couple of version on Andy's Oscillator. They are great and simple to build.

First the schematic.
1 transistor
2 diodes
1 resistor
a handful of capacitors
a coil with a secondary. Andy's original used an axial coil with an over wrap of 8 turns.
notice on the drawing I numbered the connections. I need six tie points. Once they are laid out I just connect the points. Example R1 goes between point 2 and 0. I always use 0 as ground and the highest point as Vcc.
My first one I used 6 points in line. It worked fine but then I had an idea to make a circle and it would be easier to wire and the circuit will fit inside the coil form. So I did the bottom one . The circuit will fit in a pill bottle.

I used dual contacts screwed to the board. You could use pins or nails.
After I screwed them down I turned the center ones up and mounted the transistor and filter capacitor to them.
I'm thinking a pill bottle coil with the capacitor mounted on the bottom the circuit mounted on the lid before it is screwed on?

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