Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Emergency Lighting Hurricanes are in the area

It seems every where I've been this week all the talk is about the hurricanes. We need lights if we loose power. As luck would have it my den light blew. The LED light has to be replaced.
Well if you are a bottom feeder or if you were raised with a slogan like this:
"Use it up wear it out make it do or do without."
You tend to look for the opportunities life offers. That light is rated long life and it's not that old so let's take a look inside and see what can be salvaged.
It had a power supply with a fuse. It didn't appear they intended the fuse to be replaced. Anyway the unit unplugged and I have a board with 10 LEDs. The light was rated 500 or 700 lumen so that would be 50 or 70 per LED. Intersetting huh?
I soldered some leads to one LED and hooked it to a 6 volt lantern battery and this is what I get. Man it will hurt you eyes to look at it.
I put a bathroom cup over it as a diffuser and this is what I have. It will not light the room so you can read a book across the room but is will light it so you can see to walk around and not trip on the furniture. 

When I put a switch on the box and mount the battery in it I'll be good to go. Now I just need a couple more so I can put one in each room.

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