Friday, September 8, 2017

Comparing Bogen 725t to a Quam sub.

BOGEN 725 replacement?
The Bogen spec's
Comparing spec's for Bogan and Quam.

This is the data for the Bogan hook up.  If the QUAM will not work, why not? Notice the brown is 150 or 250 according to the hook up. 
 It seems the 8 to 1 ratio between the 25 volt and 70.7 volt system has some influence on the wattage. Note the white tap is .31 watts or 5 watts according to the line voltage. The only way to determine the service outside of the design application would be to measure inductance and calculate the values as was done to create the chart above.
The upper right list is with the 8 ohm output wired in series with the primary.\.

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