Saturday, September 9, 2017

A follow up on the hurricane lights.

First thanks Andy!

My son-in-law asked about a nine volt battery? Today I split open another shot bulb and cut the board in half. It is a shame to use all 10 LEDs in one light but I would not cut the board into more than a couple of pieces because it might damage the LEDs. I had another 6 volt lantern battery and I used a nine volt battery on the other.

Yes they work. The question is how long will the nine volt battery last?

Never throw away a nine volt battery with harvesting the connector. I soldered the LED to the connector just plug it on and it doesn't need a switch. I have some battery holders for AA batteries that I can use they should last longer than the nine volt battery.

I have some clear epoxy I can mold the board and connector into a block and make a tougher package? Yea, that might work.

Someone said,"prepare for the worst and pray for the best.". I don't expect to lose power but it just take one tree limb across a line. I made one for each room so we can see to walk around without tripping over a chair.

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