Sunday, September 23, 2018

RF Amp references

Two Stage Amp
Cascode Amp

I think the next project should be CASCODE amp. Amps in cascade have separate DC paths. Amps in cascode share the DC path.
I'm focusing on the JFET version to put some of those 2SK2539s to use.
It would be fun to put a MOSFET version together too using the  2SK669.  (The K669 is used in FM receiver front ends so good for VHF.)

The AC circuit provides isolation between the input and output. The Miller effect is reduced.
This chart shows some capacitance comparisons.
This chart shows some gain bandwidth. The hybrid or BI-JFET version would need one.
An example from the book.
The book has labs too.
I'm thinking a DBM maybe a good circuit for the 2SK2539s. How much trouble to make the JFET version? I made this circuit with 2N2222s and it was a good performer.
If this has wet your appetite click the link at the top of the page and start studying the design.

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