Saturday, October 17, 2020

and the parts

I used the 3 terminal strips to mount the transistors.

2 transistors

2 resistors

2 transformers

2 capacitors

2 batteries

makes 1 two transistor amp

 I spread the parts so you can easily see the layout. You could put it in a small box. I'm using a AA and a 9 volt battery. You could use a single battery but it would complicate the circuitry.

2N6027 is the "transistor" 

The original circuit used a .2 volt bias. The 2N6027 is a silicon device so I raised the bias to about .6 volts. You could adjust it a little by using a pot in series with the emitter resistor. My circuit draws less than 10ma asbuilt.

It will drive my earbuds to hard with the signal generator just above the lowest setting.

It is a good circuit if you can obtain a couple of transformers. Maybe an excuse to wind a couple?

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