Friday, March 30, 2018

Aluminum brackets to mount volume pot with from old door frame

 The bottom feeder in me would not let me throw away these storm door frames. What good are they? I needed some brackets to mount some pots on.

Look at that big old "L" bracket! Remove an ear from each side and set that bracket free.
From this angle you can see one ear sticking up and one sticking down.
I'm using a router free hand (except the bit has a bearing). One pass and one ear gone.
A little closer look. See the ear is gone.
I flipped it over and made a second pass. With the two ears gone I have my "L" bracket.
I cut off the piece I am ready to use.
Just another view.
A quick trip to the chop saw an I have my four brackets.
As you can see here they have a little bow in them. I could put them on the anvil and give a couple taps with a hammer to straighten them.
A closer look.

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