Friday, August 17, 2018

selector switch knob selection

As I said there are several options. I'm still looking a a couple. I didn't get any shop time today but I did bring in the knob I started yesterday.
I filled the cap with Durham wood putty.
I did two while I was mixing putty.
I plugged one into the board I made yesterday. I may want to paint it? It does look like a good size for my board.
I mounted an armature on it. I think that will be a go. Next shop time I can paint a couple caps and cut some banding for the armatures.
The grooves on the bottle cap make a good grip. I will need to lock the armature with a set screw or some glue. The Durham putty can be drilled and tapped. A little construction cement would work it a fellow didn't want to drill and tap a hole.

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