Sunday, November 26, 2017

Adjusting the supply on an amp to see the effect.

A request was made for a 1.2 volt amp. The idea was to make a radio powered by a single rechargeable cell. My last three post were in response to that question. Tonight I will present a the amp with different supplies to see how it would work at higher voltage levels.
The input will remain at 10 uv.
Here I adjusted the components and have 850uv output at 1.2 volt in.
I raised the power supply to 1.5 volts and get 1.45 mv out.
Here I make the big jump to 6 volts and get 12 mv out.
At 9 volts we get 20 mv out.
At 12 volts we get about 28 mv.
With the same circuit there is quite a change in output when the supply is varied.
The goal of a 1.2 volt supply radio is possible but it would be a lot easier to use 1.5 volt or more.

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