Friday, November 3, 2017

AF amp in a j-box

The little AF amp is so sensitive it tends to pick up noise and I had to tame the rascal. I built a new one on a handy box cover. For those not familiar with a handy box it is an electrical junction box. The box is about 2"x2"x4". (some are 1-1/2" deep)
I plan on keeping this one so I put a switch, volume control, RCA socket and earphone jack.
I do ugly construction. It's not pretty but it works well. I'm using the AF transformer to isolate the phone connections. It is basically a 1:1 a 1:6 would probably give a better Z match.
This is the j-box. the two screws in the cover screw into the box and my amp is shielded.

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