Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Did a sim on the amp I posted last night.

I located My model for the P416B transistor and did a simulation. I did the sim at 2 MHz and 10 micro volt input.
Here I am probing C2.

Here I am probing C4. 10 micro volts input gives about 850 micro volts output.
My test gave better results than the sim? My model may be a little off. Close enough for me though. Anyhoo, it is one possibility for a 1.2 volt amp. The builder could possibly improve it by tweaking some component values.

I made the board last night with sockets so I can test the response of different transistors. It was not designed to be optimized for a specific transistor. I have some old tarnished ones I can not read the numbers on and thought I would use a couple in my AF amp for the AER. Chances are I'll stick with the K669 or BF2040. So many choices, so many circuits to build and test!
The fun is in the build so just build something.

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