Friday, November 3, 2017

AER-1A SPICE sim package

The oscillator we intend to use.
In the final project we will use a DBM but for the sim I used this product detector because I had already "built" it in SPICE.
The AM signal.
The local oscillator signal.
The output from the Product Detector. It is distorting badly on the negative excursion.

The output from the AF amp. Yep! It is over driving. I could lower the AM signal and it would help. Looks like AGC maybe in order? You can download the SPICE model and play with it.

The AER-1A spice schematic

Be aware the model is very slow loading. You can adjust the time to get a quicker response. I'm showing 10 cycles of the AF and started displaying 50 ms into the run. I wanted to let it settle before displaying.

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