Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lambda powered DBM with hearing aid amp

This is my best DBM radio to date. The clip lead center top is the antenna. To project box on the left houses the Lambda Diode Oscillator. The red jack accepts the coil. The large grey knob is the tuning cap. The two terminals on top of the box receive 3 volts from the battery through a 1K pot. The two terminals on the right side of the box are the output. They are fed through 1 to 9 transformer. I simply passed the diode ground threw a core with 9 turns on it. The block in the center is the DBM. Two transformers and 8 dual diodes were used to build the DBM. The project box on the right houses the hearing aid amp.

hearing aid amp
If you look at the second picture on this link I am making the diode ring.
The DBM diode ring 
This one uses 8 surface mount dual diodes. I put two on a side and paralleled the four diodes.

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