Saturday, January 27, 2018

Manhatten pads with the pasta maker

First the disclaimer: If you get caught using mama's pasta maker I did not recommend it!!!
Get your own or borrow one from a clay worker. Folks that make clay jewelry use them to make sheets and strips of clay.

Now the project calls for Manhatten pads which I had none. You can buy them but not cheaply. So what to do? I happen to have some scissor cut board on hand and there is the pasta maker. It's not being used so here I go....

The idea is to turn this into....
These. One pass threw the maker gives strips. Passing the strips threw gives squares.

It took about 5 minutes to make these.

The question was asked about cleaning contacts and such. My answer is a fiberglass rod. I cut a piece about the size of a pencil from a 1/4" rod and filed the end to a screwdriver blade shape. It just took a minute or two to do this.
Just lay the flat side on the board and rub gently. The crud and oxide comes right off.

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