Saturday, June 9, 2018

building multistage systems - why not move on to the next step? part 1

The scope of the project dictates this will be a series. I have seen several times a question is asked and the resident expert 'parrots' some useless quotes from the text book, leaving the question unanswered. I made a bad purchase of one of those "learn to program in language X in a day". Really the guy goes to college four 4 years to learn programming and he'll teach me everything he knows in a day! Sure enough on page one "language X is a combination of C++, Java,... ".
The code snippets are useless to anyone who could not program a computer. He doesn't show actual code. He shows the structure presented in the language manual. On a 1 to 5 star system it is --25. So I see two problems. First is the expert who does lesson 1 over and over. Second is the guy who just uses terms to impress and may not know the meaning himself. My goal is to NOT be in either of these two groups. So the plan is briefly cover the first page and then turn to page two.

I will be using a couple of freeware programs that may be downloaded from the net. The first is "Transistor Amp 1.1". The second is LTspice. I could post links but a quick search should find them? Am I straying already?

LTspice is here: LT spice download page

Transistor Amp 1.1 is here: Transistor Amp 1.1

Elsie filter designer here: ELSIE

OK, Download and install the programs and we will begin the journey.

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