Saturday, June 2, 2018

detector circuit sims

These sims gave some interesting results. Be fore warned don't let common opinion interfere with the test results. I am changing component values to see how they effect Z matching and if they are needed for good performance. I have been told some components are redundant and unnecessary. I was also told the circuit simply will not work. I just testing the circuit with and without the "redundant" parts and changing values to see the effect on Z matching. I'll let the sims tell the story.

The 1N5817 is not a prime candidate for a detector based on it's Is and N. They are both high.The dual diode is a waste according to the same source. It seems to be doing well in a circuit designed around its parameters. The sim ahead of this one I removed the redundant diode and unneeded choke????
Anyway I found the results interesting and hope you do too.

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