Monday, August 6, 2018

Proof of concept of the loop mechanism

The mechanism seems to "lock" in the down position holding tension on the wires. It might be better explained that the cross bars weight is pulling down on the wires and holding them in place.Take a look at the loop again.
As you look at the loop think about an umbrella. You push the center up and the outer tips fold down. With the loop we have the added action of the lower arms folding in. So the tip folds down as the lower arms fold in and we end up with the tips holding the lower arms in against the vertical pole. That's a lot of pivoting. It calls for four pivot points, two in the center of the vertical pole and two at the bottom.
I had a little shop time this afternoon and this is how it went.
This cherry board was left over from a cabinet build and it looked like what I needed. I set the saw to make squares from the board.
One board made five squares. I ran them through the planer to smooth saw marks and make them all the same size.
I need something to support the wires. This sink supply looks like what the doctor ordered.

I cut the sink supply in 3" pieces. and am ready to start the construction. Two 20" pieces are overlapping the center piece 4". I drilled a 3/8" hole at the end of the center piece and inserted a piece of the plastic tubing in it. Clamping the three pieces together before drilling the holes to tie them together insures the holes line up. I drilled 1/4" holes and put a piece of 1/4" dowel in it. Using wooden nails seems a good idea because I was cautioned not to put magnetic material in the loop. The shoulders created by the side pieces support the cross bar.
I used 2 16" pieces for the cross piece. Putting a piece of plastic on the end to make a place for the wire. I cut the end of the cross piece at a 45 degree with the cut starting at the center. turning the cut down allows the cross piece to "butt" the vertical pole when in the position shown. When you push it up the missing corner allows it to pivot.
I used 2 pieces of flat board to tie the center joint. Just 1 pin on either side of center allows the joint to pivot.
I tied a string on the post to see how it functions. You can see I pinned the vertical together with long pins. They need trimming after the glue cures.

 Back to the beginning. The cross bar holds tension on the upper wires and the lower bars hold tension on the lower wires. Pushing the center up umbrella style allows the cross bar tips to lower. which give slack to the lower wires and allowing the lower bars to fold in making a nice compact storage unit.
Maybe tomorrow I can put the lower section together.
looking good so far.

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