Saturday, September 16, 2017

Spice simulations for the stages

 NOTE: When the file is saved Windows will show the default program as Notepad and will save it as ??????.TXT changing the default to Spice will save it as .ASC.

The Oscillator

AF amp
AF Amp

RF Amp
RF Amp

To run the simulations click the links, save to disk (they are .asc files) click the link and LT Spice will load and run it. You have to start some where. This is the first run. We may have to change the components to what is on hand. The next step will be to see if the stages will perform as the simulation say they will.

EDIT: NOTE windows changes the extension to .txt LT Spice will look for .ASC extension.

The plan is to 'build' each stage in spice and then put it on a board. The DBM will be built first. The AF amp second. We can use a signal generator to drive the DBM to test it and see if the AF amp is going to work for us.

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